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The Universe of Sawwad

Sawwad kingdom
Map of the Sawwad Kingdom – Location: Parallel Universe
Once upon a time… in a parallel universe, there lay the Kingdom of Sawwad where our three heroines lived.

Nazrul had always known of the great prophecy. She even spent countless hours dreaming of the farfetched possibility of being the chosen one. But not until the night of the coinciding three full moons did a mystical turn of events take place and change the course of her destiny forever.

Meanwhile in the northern outer regions of Sawwad a new empire was being built to rival that of the capital – led by non-other than the Bionic Diva herself, Sufana, who will stop at nothing to claim her victory.

Nazrul will need all the help she can get on her quest towards Dragon’s Mount. An incredible adventure is about to begin, as Madina, the Oracle of Light and Love, discovers her magical powers and awakens the Ethereal Dancer from within. Will she be able to bring forth the secret key to unlocking Sawwad’s rightful ruler?

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Sawwad logo in Arabic

The Prophecy

Awaken The Dragon

As castles of tyranny begin to shake,

celestial monarchies will fall.

A new empire forged in the wake

will uphold our greatest call.

The collective unites to a common intention

and forces within will rise

A leader to harness the magical dimension

springs forth from the land of the wise.

But first a test that must be passed

with shadows of ashes and grim,

A quest to march to the Dragon Lands,

command the beast at their whim.

Meet The Avatars

A long long time ago, in a Parallel Universe, light years away from our home planet Earth, but yet eerily similar to our lands, there lay the Kingdom of Sawwad where our three heroines lived. This is their story…


Heir and protector of Sawwad, The Dragon Kingdom

Nazrul is driven by her curiosity and bravery to discover the mysteries of her land and protect the traditions of her lineage. She exemplifies nobility and honour – with wits that can rival the wisest of the Elders. She starts her journey as an embodiment of innocence but quickly develops the resilience required to carry her through a grueling quest. Tested time and time again, Nazrul earns her spot as our number one heroine as she emerges fully metamorphosed.

This is a coming-of-age story of courage, magic and whimsy – where dreams flourish into reality.

Element: Air


Ruler of the Robotic Realm, “Labyrinthine” – The Vertical City

With Firey red hair, Sufana will stop at nothing to get her way. Her will reigns over the vertical maze of a city built upon the dragons’ graveyard, Labyrinthine, which is ruled through a strict hierarchical class system. Aided by legions of drones and a mechanical entourage, she embraces the rule of the machine over man.

Once a beautiful princess, now turned into a cyborg herself with a gilded crystal powered exoskeleton.  She built Labyrinthine from the ground up as her indestructible fortress – her shrine is at the pinnacle where she spends countless hours ruminating over the 7 planets. A very interesting and complex being who is quite misunderstood. Sufana is seen as an evil malevolent ruler outside her city, but proves to be a fierce protector and teacher of her people.

Element: Fire


born of the Mystical Stratosphere, home to the Portal of The 7 Planets

From rebel to Kandaka, Madina begins her story as an introverted gentle fairy. Half-Elf, half-human, her unsurmountable empathy will be her biggest strength as well as her downfall. As she crosses through the 12 thresholds in search of her Soul Tribe, her yearning to belong overshadows her undiscovered magical powers.

Destined to grow into the Guardian of the Portal, Madina flees from the painstaking responsibility only to be met by her inevitable destiny. Her Ancestors, the Native Nomads are governed by the Metaphysical and set no claim to their lands. An adventurous and soulful Starseed, Madina quickly learns she has healing powers which can awaken one’s inner child!

Element: Earth







Your horoscope defines your fashion style

Amidst my percolating ambitions of rummaging through the shop floor in an attempt to overhaul my wardrobe for the imminent post Covid makeover, I find myself scrolling through page after page of the latest trends online and clicking yet again on the exact same style of shoes I did last week.

This, is what I call “my go-to style” conundrum…

How many times have you found yourself questioning whether those tenth pair of shoes are really necessary? or why that newly bought blue dress looks exactly like the other two already hanging in your closet?

“As it turns out, your shopping habits are very much related to your star sign!”

Apparently, these symptoms can be explained with a little help from the zodiac.  Those celestial alignments hold the secret to your shopping patterns and credit card fashion indiscretions.

As it turns out, your shopping habits are very much related to your star sign – so here is our attempt at explaining your favorite bids when choosing an outfit for going out with friends and the pieces that make your style unforgettably unique – these are the small details that allow you to stand out in a a crowd and make you undeniably recognizable. And remember… just blame it on your zodiac.



Celebrity Match: creative consultant and editor-in-large for Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo born on April 16

Ambitious Aries are known to be stubborn in their opinions and full of energy when it comes to being a leader. That’s how you end up wearing the clothes from the latest fashion reviews. When you are entering a room, it is always a jaw dropping effect thanks to the bold clean colors you choose. Simple, confident and classy attire that never goes out of style underlines your elegance and poise demeanor.


Celebrity Match: actress Cate Blanchett born on May 14

As the determined and down-to-earth sign you lean towards comfortable and cozy items as well as eye-catching ones. Your sense of fashion allows you to easily mix, match and layer. Everything can be found in your closet – from basic denim to outlandish leather. But most importantly: try to refrain from overspending while following your passion for impressive statement jewelry.


Celebrity Match: actresses and creative designers of The Raw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen born on June 11

Chameleons of the zodiac who feel good about themselves in a pair of jeans as well as in an elaborate cocktail dress. There are no taboos for you when it comes to styles, colors or fabrics. Witty and unashamed of your femininity, all jeans in your wardrobe are going to be tight. Always remember: the devil is in the details, so your secret weapons to taking your outfit to the next level are shoes and bags.


Celebrity Match: singer Selena Gomez born on July 22

Your emotional nature calls out to an elegant overdressed goddess. Timeless and alluring coats, dresses that flatter your silhouette and cascading hemlines are all naturally overtaking your wardrobe. In contrast, well-tailored pieces in metallic gray, red and ivory with soft lines also make an appearance. Since style, and subsequently actions,  depend on y0ur mood – there is not a singular look that can be implied to you.


Celebrity Match: actress and singer Jennifer Lopez born on July 24

Fiery and passionate Leos are brave and fearless. This can be said about your style as well. Go for: Statement jewelry pieces, bright colors and sexy dresses. Be proud and loud when putting together your looks – both in attitude and style-wise.


Celebrity Match: actress Blake Lively born on August 25

The perfectionists of the lot. Detail-oriented, analytical and practical Virgo prefers the well-tailored silhouettes. Ladylike but functional wins. You are never OTT as you are a keen believer in the deeper meaning of beauty and style. The word to describe Virgo’s fashion sense is “grown-up!”– and like any grown up woman, you are claimed to have an obsession with the statement heels.


Celebrity Match: media personality Kim Kardashian West born on October 21

All about romantic and luxurious looks, Libras are the masters of the mix and match. You are always trying to find a perfect balance between casual and glamorous and discovering new ways of putting together familiar pieces. Style signature: wearing lush fabrics like suede and silk with simple blue denim. This in turn makes your wardrobe a perfect day-to-night kaleidoscope.


Celebrity Match: British entrepreneur Alexa Chung born on November 11

Focused and mysterious femme fatale Scorpio always has a distinguished look. Your closet is full of dark colors, leather details and lace dresses. The reason behind this phenomenon is quite simple: your main goal is to attract attention, yet leave something to the imagination.


Celebrity Match: singer Taylor Swift born on December 13

Optimistic and easy going fire sign Sagittarius prefers comfortable and casual pieces. Smart and unfussy outfits that don’t scream for attention are their number one choice, unlike their crazy jewelry items which usually carry a spiritual meaning. Festive by nature, you can easily wear an evening gown to work or dazzle in sequins during the day.


Celebrity Match: The Duchess of Cambridge Kate born on January 9

Known as the simple and sophisticated earth-baby, yet Capricorns never fail to surprise through their fearless approach to experimenting with attire. Valuing basic high-quality items with the twist above all else, you still love the freedom of playing dress-up and leaving a powerful impression in people’s memory.


Celebrity Match: actress Jennifer Aniston born on February 11

Trendy Aquarius always dresses up to feel happy and grounded. Being real, staying true to your aesthetics and rarely paying attention to the opinions of others, all rank highly in your style-vocabulary of values. A purist at heart, colorful and wild prints never confuse you, which in turn incubates your creative and unique character.


Celebrity Match: singer Rihanna born on February 20

The dreamers of zodiac. Your style is all about flowing fabrics with a touch of romantic and girly details. Our tips for you: add a bohemian flair with pastel colors and flowy silhouettes. Go for earth hues such as teal, purple, blue and green. As a true lover of the arts, make every outfit a masterpiece with powerful accessories and interesting shapes.

Body by Design

Have you ever had that horrible dream where you walk into a party and you and the girl to your right are wearing the exact same dress? Let’s take that further and turn it into a “Who wore it best?” competition. Cruel, I know. Seriously though, we’ve all been there, we’ve all seen 2 girls wearing the exact same dress, one radiating and the other just existing. Why does that happen? How is it that the same piece of clothing can look totally different on 2 different people?

Well, it turns out fashion doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Fashion doesn’t just exist in clothes. It’s a state of mind, the way you carry yourself through life, your thoughts, attitude, energy. It’s expressed in everything you do but very few actually see it that way.

We live in a highly exhibitionist world. The world of fashion is ladled with messages of “look at me, look at me” and “buy me, buy me”. You have to carry a thousand dollar bag, or wear a certain type of dress or Louboutin shoes to impress. These days, as Diane Von Furstenberg puts it, “The world is completely product polluted, too much everything, in every colour, in every price,” so what would you bring to the table that’s different?

I used to be a follower of trends for many, many years. I was always shopping the latest collections until one day, I stood in front of my closet and didn’t want to wear any of it. None of it looked good anymore. None of it felt like me anymore. When that happens, it’s time to reevaluate. What makes you, you? Is it the clothes you spend hours each week shopping for online? Or is it the mind and body that you’ve been taking for granted? What if fashion wasn’t about the clothes you wear but rather the skin you’re in and the body that carries us through life? How would that change the game?

I’m here to tell you, it’s never actually been about the clothes you put on. It’s about how you feel in the clothes and the energy you bring forward. If you start with the source which is you, not the clothes, then it’s a very different story you’ll be telling. What is the story you choose to tell?

“You can slip into the simplest black dress and look like a million dollars.“

I haven’t always been good to myself. I used to live a sedentary life, sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day and walking only to the car and back. Sitting on a couch at home eating chips and salsa was the regular. Until I realised that this lifestyle wasn’t a choice but the unfortunate side effect of not following my body’s instinct: it’s natural need to keep moving. In staying still, I drained my body of its energy and cut it at the source.

So I started to listen to my body. I went to boxing, spinning, barre, yoga; trying everything under the sun to figure out what it is my body wanted. With every workout, my body craved it more. It was finally being heard. The way I saw exercise started to change. Instead of seeing it as a burden, it was a celebration of what I can do, how far I can push myself. Eventually I found a workout that I love – barre, I’m looking at you – and I stuck to it.

Finding a workout you love helps you start to see your body as a source of fun. Just like when we were kids, running around the playground, riding bicycles, jumping on trampolines. That shouldn’t change because we’re older. Moving is fun, exercise is fun! You just need to find what is fun for you.

Your body is made to move. Follow that instinct, that urge to walk, to run, to dance, to jump. Your body wants to be as fit and strong and beautiful as you want to be. The more you exercise, the stronger you become, physically and mentally. Seeing your body change through exercise brings a feeling of accomplishment that makes you feel good about your body and yourself. Confidence will radiate from the inside out, and accentuate your fashion statement into a different realm. So you can slip into the simplest black dress and look like a million dollars. A powerful look starts with a powerful mindset, a beautiful look starts with a beautiful mindset.

Your body is the source. It’s the vessel of your life. It’s with you through good times and bad. It’s our duty to be good to it and nourish it. When you’re good to it, it’s good to you. Your mindset changes, your energy shifts, you become radiant, confident. So here’s your chance to design your life around your body. How would you build it?

The Power of Music: Why Beats Move our Soul

Missy Elliot’s song once infamously reverberated, “Music makes you lose control…” But does it? It’s hard to imagine anything making you lose control in these times that we’re going through.

The monumental effects of quarantine land amidst the Covid pandemic make the thought of losing control seem like a far-flung memory amidst the sluggish blur of lockdown.

It’s like Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms for a Time-Out and said, “Think about what you’ve done” – so why not use this time wisely?

I have noticed that two things happen when you live through an era of arm-twisting change, as we are now. Firstly, there is an inevitable surge of artistic creativity and second we remember our passions, our purpose and what truly moves us in this world. We witness the rise of our senses: acutely tuning into our surroundings – learning to decipher between the noises we need to block out and ones which we need to tune right into.

This is exactly the time when we have to reach deep into our childlike inner selves and remember.

The power of rhythm and beats is well documented throughout human history. Music is what moved us in our childhood, provided a soundtrack to our adolescent growing pains, been our solace during sad times and our cue to experiment with moving our body to a tempo – and I’m certain you can think of many more memories where its presence changed the very essence of the whole experience.

Its physiological cognitive and emotional benefits have been proven scientifically and utilized to increase oxytocin levels as it is associated with physiological relaxation. Studies also found that listening to fast-tempo music was accompanied by decreases in cortisol levels, which was associated with emotional excitement and power (Ooishi, Mukai, Watanabe, Kawato, & Kashino, 2017). Music interventions, quite literally, have the potential to enhance the overall quality of life (Vasionytė & Madison, 2013).

The joy of a melody is primal to our very construction as human beings – and lately I’ve been discovering that it’s not only humans who get psyched over a good beat – birds, monkeys and even sea lions share this fascination with us too! (I could go on this topic for quite a bit – but I will ironically practice some self-control and stick to the subject at hand.)

“It’s like Mother Nature has sent us to our rooms for a Time-Out and said, “Think about what you’ve done” – so why not use this time wisely?”

Even in the confinement of our homes, surrounded by the angst of uncertainty, we have the ability to block out all unnecessary noise, rediscover our passion for music and drift off into another vibrational frequency altogether.

I went out hunting for the best set of headphones the market has to offer today – and by ‘out’ I mean online… naturally – and stumbled upon two incredible findings that reawakened my inner roar!

Mixcder’s top of the range wireless E10s have an insane bang-for-buck ratio. They look amazing, feel amazing, are lighter than air and beautifully accentuate the sound of the beat as they minimise (if not entirely cancel) external noise. Their light weight and budget-friendly price tag does not compromise on aesthetics however – the build quality is top-notch, padding on the headrest sleek, they fold in half, the chrome hardware accents are meticulously designed and the carry case is pretty styling too.

They come built-in with 4 buttons for full control over your music, most exciting is the ANC feature (Automatic Noise Cancelling); which according to Mixcder, will reduce 96 per cent of ambient low-frequency sound. Although ANC mode drains the battery life faster, a three-hour charging session will fully recharge the headset. While off of ANC, a one-hour charge will give 30 hours battery life!

Wearing the E10s felt premium and inspiring – so much so that I wanted to explore all the different genres of music and how differently each would sound through them.

This is when I unearthed my second finding: 8D music.

What?! How long has this been around? And why have I not known about this before?

Go on… try and google this craziness. It’s like having your eyes – well ears in this case – open up to a whole new world out there!

Mixcder E10: Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone $112

Welcome to the future: technology has conjured up the ability to cross into new thresholds yet again.  As you listen, you’ll notice that the music is not limited to your headset, but rather emanating from the space around you. Creating the illusion of being surrounded by the sound, you hear the beats from the outside rather than within.

The only drawback is that you need a solid pair of headphones to enjoy this creative marvel. Luckily, we now have the perfect ones on hand and an absolute abundance of time to relish in our new discoveries.