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The difference between a blogger and an influencer

SAWWAD  featured   The difference between a blogger and an influencer

The difference between a blogger and an influencer

No two words are thrown around more frequently in Dubai’s job market than “blogger” and “influencer”, but did you ever stop to question what exactly is the difference between the two? What qualifies someone entry into the blogger world and bestows on someone else the title of influencer?


As fascinating as it once was, a blogger has now become an entry level gig in Dubai. If you want to exist in the world as a self-sufficient entity and be recognized by multinational corporations and publications, you need to have your own blog or two (the more the merrier).


All that bloggers have to do is freely express who they are, have a clearly defined theme and be consistent with their posts… forever! There is no such thing as overexposure in the world of social media it seems, so once you choose a pattern, just stick to it.


Since there are practically no barriers to entry into the blogger market, all you really have to have is a clear communication strategy and time. Add a unique message and a logo to all that and what you get is… voilà… followers!

So how do we make sense of it all? What defines the hierarchy of the blogging domain?

The more followers and readership you wrack up the more legit you become. Moreover, blogging is no longer limited to just a page on your own website, as a matter of fact, you barely have to write anything at all to be qualified as a successful blogger. Just string together a few emojis with a couple of words weaved between them to caption the slew of images and videos you share on the social media platform of your choice and that’ll do the job.


But there is a hierarchy to it all, and you can’t blog about anything and everything, you have to pick your niche. For example, I chose to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger, in my case, because they have been my career path and professional training since I entered the job market 12 years ago. But other bloggers can choose to pursue those same topics from a different angle and out of sheer passion, exquisite photogenic skills or intrinsic talent for creative composition.


Other choices available from the plethora of topics are food blogger, fitness blogger, luxury blogger, travel blogger, parenting blogger, design blogger, urban scene blogger, music blogger and of course, beauty blogger. (If I missed out on any please feel free to share in the comments section below.) Each topic can be further divided into subcategories, eg yoga blogger vs gym blogger.


So how do we make sense of it all? What defines the hierarchy of the blogging domain? Very simply, the number of followers you have.


If you have more than 5000 followers spread over all your social media platforms combined, whether it be one or more, in addition to your own website/page, you have officially been initiated into the world of being a blogger.


To be an influencer, however, you have to have pulling power in the market. What you wear and where you go are usually looked upon favorably, acknowledged as the latest and greatest and even purchased by a few of your followers. So by definition, an influencer is a blogger with buy-in power. In numerical terms, even if you are already influencing your followers, you are not usually perceived as an influencer by business entities till you have a minimum of 15,000 followers. Once again, this is a cumulative number throughout all your social media platforms and this time around, you need to have a minimum of two, in addition to your own website/page.


If you have the charisma and talent to have earned the loyalty of 100,000 followers or more (not bought), then you have entered the fame stratosphere! Yes, you are a celebrity in many people’s eyes and you can bank a good buck out of this blogging gig alone. At this point, it doesn’t really matter what you blog about because the subject of interest has become YOU. It’s always best to stay in one’s lane though.


The final step in the hierarchy usually requires some sort of talent, tv show or business to back it up in order to catapult and sustain its growing number of followers. The upper echelon of the blogger society secured the following of 1M and up. If you have that many followers, then it is safe to say that you are officially an icon. You are offering something to the market that is uniquely intriguing and you didn’t get there by accident. Serious work is involved here, deliberate and dedicated effort, usually lead by a team of social media specialists.


What about the Selena Gomez’s of the world with their 100M+ followers you ask? I have absolutely no words to describe this phenomenon! Your guess is as good as mine.

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