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When Fashion-Tech Meets Fantasy

The Company

Sawwad is a character-driven fashion brand, built on the latest hi-tech and sustainability methods. It introduces a new breed of fashion companies born out of the changes in the current socio-economic needs. The brand’s mission is to create a digitally influential fashion universe which transforms the way of promoting Middle Eastern design via AI/AR technology built around an Arabian Sci-Fi comic storyline journey through powerful illustrations, sustainability messages, cutting-edge tech and music – all interacting simultaneously with the end user to create a cohesive universe.

sawwad the meaning

The meaning of the word Sawwad comes from the Arabic word “Darkness”, which is used to describe the long desert nights and the depth of a women’s seductive gaze. It conveys mystery and power, which is exactly what our brand stands for. Originally derived from the word “Aswad” which is the color ‘black’ in Arabic and the king of colors in the fashion world. But in this particular case, the root of coining the wordcomes from the designer’s full name: Salma Awwad

The Founder

Salma Awwad is the first Arab Editor In Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, with over 15 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the luxury and design industries. She was behind the ground-breaking covers featuring three generations of the Kardashians (Kris, Kylie and Stormi), Nadine Labaki’s reflections of an Artist, & standing alongside 2 Arab Women who lead the AI industry globally – titled “Robotics Revolution” – where she led her team towards pioneering the discussion in the luxury media industry around Technology’s pivotal role in fashion and sustainability in the Middle East.


A graduate of New York’s Parsons School of Design, she went on to work as a fashion designer for some of the world’s leading design houses in New York, including Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Alexander Wang and Narciso Rodriguez. Her wealth of fashion expertise inspired her to create and locally manufacture Sawwad, an experimental 3D capsule collection focusing on the future of fashion and redirecting the language of fashion start-ups in the region. Shifting from the corporate lifestyle to the reality of being a passion entrepreneur, her versatile background strongly places her as a thought leader in the Arab Fashion Industry.

Our Mission

“From the Darkest Moments

Shines Your Brightest Light”

Our mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry by introducing a brand-new model: Fashion-tech. Fashion brought to life through a digital multi-sensory universe of Avatars, AR, Comic books, Gaming and Virtual Fashion products. Experiential storytelling and fantasy character building are at its core. A NEW BREED OF FASHION IS BORN!

The Journey

Now we invite you to be part of our journey as we awaken the imagination and redefine the perception of what it takes to be in the fashion industry. Working only with partners we admire and projects we believe in, the experience we share promises to be uncensored and authentic. Follow us on SAWWAD.FASHION for a unique insight into the first Fashion-Tech empire being built and everything it entails. Dare to dream? Here at Sawwad we follow a different school of thought – Ignite into a universe of inspired action.

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