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From the darkest moments shines your brightest light.

-- Salma Awwad
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A long long time ago, in a Parallel Universe, light years away from our home planet Earth, but yet eerily similar to our lands, there lay the Kingdom of Sawwad where our three heroines lived. This is their story...


Heir and protector of Sawwad, The Dragon Kingdom

Nazrul is driven by her curiosity and bravery to discover the mysteries of her land and protect the traditions of her lineage. She exemplifies nobility and honour - with wits that can rival the wisest of the Elders. She starts her journey as an embodiment of innocence but quickly develops the resilience required to carry her through a grueling quest. Tested time and time again, Nazrul earns her spot as our number one heroine as she emerges fully metamorphosed.

This is a coming-of-age story of courage, magic and whimsy - where dreams flourish into reality.

Element: Air


Ruler of the Robotic Realm, "Labyrithine" - The Vertical City

With Firey red hair, Sufana will stop at nothing to get her way. Her will reigns over the vertical maze of a city built upon the dragons' graveyard, Labyrinthine, which is ruled through a strict hierarchical class system. Aided by legions of drones and a mechanical entourage, she embraces the rule of the machine over man.

Once a beautiful princess, now turned into a cyborg herself with a gilded crystal powered exoskeleton.  She built Labyrinthine from the ground up as her indestructible fortress - her shrine is at the pinnacle where she spends countless hours ruminating over the 7 planets. A very interesting and complex being who is quite misunderstood. Sufana is seen as an evil malevolent ruler outside her city, but proves to be a fierce protector and teacher of her people.

Element: Fire


born of the Mystical Stratosphere, home to the Portal of The 7 Planets

From rebel to Kandaka, Madina begins her story as an introverted gentle fairy. Half-Elf, half-human, her unsurmountable empathy will be her biggest strength as well as her downfall. As she crosses through the 12 thresholds in search of her Soul Tribe, her yearning to belong overshadows her undiscovered magical powers.

Destined to grow into the Guardian of the Portal, Madina flees from the painstaking responsibility only to be met by her inevitable destiny. Her Ancestors, the Native Nomads are governed by the Metaphysical and set no claim to their lands. An adventurous and soulful Starseed, Madina quickly learns she has healing powers which can awaken one's inner child!

Element: Earth