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What my Aura Reading told me about my life

sawwad  #Sawwad The Journey   What my Aura Reading told me about my life

What my Aura Reading told me about my life


Straight of the bat, I need to come clean with you. You’re about to read a story about what most would consider a questionable experience so you need to know the lens through which it was penned. I love new-age everything! I enjoy the occasional chakra reading, read my horoscope on the regular, keep crystals in my home and burn sage when I’m feeling overwhelmed. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about a little place in Chinatown, New York that does aura photography and readings.

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Built on slightly more solid ground than chakra readings, aura photography was invented in the 1930s by a Russian electrical engineer, Semyon Kirlian. It is a process that visually captures the electromagnetic energy field given off by a person or object. The energy field, otherwise known as an aura, represents our state of mind and is constantly changing to reflect that. Basically, you have a big glow of light coming out of you.


On a scorching hot Friday afternoon in New York City, I dragged my ever-so-sceptical friends down to Chinatown to have our auras read. Magic Jewelry is a little shop that sells crystals and has a small photo studio set-up with a basic chair and white background to shoot your aura picture. With only two aura-readers working in the store, we patiently waited for those ahead of us to finish their readings. As we did, many more women trickled in and the excitement kicked in. “This must be good”, I thought to myself, “with so many people lining up to have their auras read.”


As my turn came, I sat down on a little chair and was asked to place my hands on metal fingerprints on the boxes to my side. The hand sensors measure the energy field around your body & the camera registers the different currents as different colours in the photo. As my aura picture was coming through it revealed bright hues of red and yellow emanating around me. It was finally time for my aura reading.

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According to the lady at the counter, the way it works is that your energy moves left to right so the left side of the photograph represents your past, the right side your future, and the middle your present. The energy is emitted by your chakras, which are the energy points in your body, and changes every 21 days, depending on what is happening in your life and how you’re feeling.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with chakras, there are 7 basic chakras along your spine each associated with a colour and an aspect of consciousness.


The reading started off with a few generic comments, “you’re a positive person.” “you’re tired and need a break.” But eventually she got to the good stuff. She talked about how I had been grappling with the idea of a fresh start recently. I want to change careers, I want to move forward but I’m stuck on what direction to take. She continued telling me that I’m surrounded by people with lots of opinions on the matter, each pushing me to take a direction they think would be best but none of which feel right to me. Most importantly, she said, you know what you want to do. You know what you want for yourself, your career and your life, you just need to do it.


There’s the catch. I’ve always been a little slow to start. I know what I want to do. I know what’s right for me but I struggle to take that first step, and the next one, and the one after that. Instead, I listen to the majority and do what they think is best, which is probably why I had been struggling with this for so long. I have to admit she was pretty spot-on. She told me exactly what I needed to hear to help catapult me in the right direction.

You know what you want to do. You know what you want for yourself, your career and your life, you just need to do it.

The experience gave me a lot of insight into my current state of mind but is it for everyone? Probably not. I think it’s helpful for those who would like some guidance or clarity on their current life or career situation. If you are looking for it though, aura readings could be a good chance to gain some awareness and maybe learn something new about yourself.

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